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Tradie Law is a division of Ford Sumner and powered by its team of great lawyers. We understand the unique aspects of setting up and running a trade business and all of the challenges that come with managing a team and delivering great work to customers. 


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Securing Your Retentions by Way of Court Injunction – A Timely Remedy When Developers Are in Trouble It’s one thing to have the comfort of knowing your retentions are held on a statutory trust, but who is really holding them for you, the developer or the lender, and what is the risk that they have been spent or that the funding has been exhausted? Link
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Wellington Rugby Football Union And Tradie Law We recently sponsored the Wellington Lions, and saw the Tradie Law logo on the big screen - we love to support local, and getting behind Wellington's representative team was a great privilege! Link
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Retention Money Revolution: New Zealand's Construction Industry Braces for Game-Changing Amendments from 5 October 2023 Members of New Zealand’s construction industry should familiarise themselves with upcoming changes to the retention money regime in the Construction Contracts Act 2002 (CCA). Link
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Dealing with statutory demands during the Christmas and New Year period

It is fundamental that company officers remain alert to any formal notices or demands received over this period so appropriate and timely action is taken to protect the company’s interests. 

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Employers can still be stung during trial periods A recent decision from the Employment Relations Authority (Authority), Williams v Team One Limited [2022] NZERA 180, is an example of the Authority upholding the important objects of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (the Act) by acknowledging and addressing the inherent imbalance of power between those in employment relationships as well as promoting the enforcement of employment standards. Link
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Solvency – A Plague On Directors’ Minds Solvency issues are top of mind for many Kiwi businesses in the face of the prolonged disruption caused by COVID-19, together with rising interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues. Link
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Subbies suck it up again? On 5 September 2019, Auckland and Waikato-based Stanley Group/Tallwood became the latest in a long line of construction companies to go to the wall.  Initial estimates put the amount owed to creditors at $5 million, with individual subcontractors reportedly owed up to $600,000. Link
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Breaks legislation – Do employees have to take breaks?

The law regarding break allowances for employees has changed.

The Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 amended the Employment Relations Act 2000 to state that:

“an employee is entitled to, and the employee’s employer must provide the employee with, rest breaks and meal breaks”.

Are you up to speed with the new changes and what they require?


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